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Prescription Rollercoasters

Welcome to 2021! I hope all of you had a good holiday season and were able to close out 2020 with some level of sanity😏. To kick off the New Year, I thought we could start with some really intense soul bearing, find our deepest problems, make overwhelming efforts to improve ourselves, and (in keeping with the resolution theme) make a goal for 2021…

Or we could take a breath, acknowledge how awesome we already are, and start with a lighthearted article that gave me a giggle.

This month’s story is based on a study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Enjoy!

If you suffer from kidney stones, a trip to the theme park may just be what the doctor orders. In an incidental finding, researchers noticed that a significant number of people reported passing kidney stones after going on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disney World. So they created a model of a kidney, complete with stones, and took it for a test ride. The results were actually quite impressive. Model stones were passed 4/24 times when they sat in the front cart, and 23/36 times in the back cart. More research needs to be done on human subjects before this could be considered a consistent method of treatment but it sounds like a fun excuse to have fun and better health to me.

Take home message: If you are going to go on a roller coaster, and you need to get rid of some kidney stones, sit in the back seat. 😁

If you would like to read the full journal article, click on the link below:


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