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Nature is Buzzing

Hello everyone! 

It is around this time of year that I start getting excited about what I'm going to put in my garden and my hot weather loving soul begs for spring. I can't wait to see bees buzzing from flower to flower, collecting their food, pollinating as they go about their work. This symbiotic relationship between flowers and bees is one of the many ways pieces of our ecosystems connect and interact, and science is making this even more exciting. Click on the link below for a video that blew my mind and then read on for some closing thoughts.

How cool is that! This is why this blog is called Unpopular Science. This amazing interaction is well documented and understood, but we never hear about it. This gives me so much more appreciation for bees and flowers. And don't even get me started on how this can be applied to things like energy healing, grounding, and our personal connection to the ecosystem. Share this video with friends and make sure to give bees a little extra love this gardening season by avoiding nasty chemical pesticides and herbicides. 

Wishing you warmth and fulfillment as you close out the winter season. Until next time...

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