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Want to feel three years younger?

I'm squeaking this month's blog in with only a few hours to spare before May is over. It's a little late, but this article is well worth the wait.

While pretty much everyone has heard of, and understands the basic concepts of genetics, many people I talk to have never heard of epigenetics. This is an area of study that absolutely fascinates me. In a nutshell, epigenetics is basically the study of how exposure to certain things causes our body to express certain genes. Just because we have a gene for something doesn't mean that we will express it. For example, a gene that increases your risk of cancer doesn't necessarily mean that you will get cancer.

As we age, our DNA kind of unravels. This aging can cause less optimal gene expression such as the onset of certain diseases. New research has created tests for this type of DNA aging. That in itself is pretty amazing. And new research from the research journal "Aging" (see link below) used this testing to help prove how much natural wellness can not only slow down the cellular aging process, but actually reverse it.

Study participants in the treatment group followed a program including diet changes (more plant based foods - you know, that green stuff ), breathing techniques, daily exercise, and quality sleep regimens. At the end of 8 weeks (yes, only 2 months) participants in the treatment group reduced their DNA aging by 3 years as compared to participants in the control group. Three years in only two months!

This study did not require any crazy, excessive, expensive, or dangerous treatment. It was simply making good lifestyle choices and people's DNA improved. So if you are looking for optimal health into your late long years, look no further. The answers are no more drastic than a daily walk with your dog, a healthy dose of veggies, good rest, and remembering to stop and smell the roses.

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